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Austin Grocery Store Goes “Package-less” October 3, 2011

Picture yourself entering a major grocery store.  Look at the aisles of shelving.  On the shelves sit items in boxes, bags, jars, and cans.  The majority of product packaging is used just once before it is thrown away or hopefully recycled. According to Time, one-use packaging represents 40% of the U.S. waste stream.
Packaging Waste
In October Austin, Texas will welcome the zero-waste grocery store in.gredients.  The store will be America’s first packaging-free grocery making it a little easier for shoppers to reduce their own waste.  To play their role, shoppers will have to bring their own containers in which to take their groceries home.  The store will offer compostable containers for shoppers that forget to bring their own.  Visit in.gredients’ website for more details.

While package-free groceries are new to the U.S., a bulk food store named Unpackaged opened in London last year.  In order to sell items like dairy that require packaging, Unpackaged offers the products in returnable glass bottles.  The Unpackaged, website provides more information about their zero-packaging efforts.

Package-free groceries are setting out to show consumers that they can carry all of the products of a conventional grocery store (minus the junk food) without all the waste.


One Response to “Austin Grocery Store Goes “Package-less””

  1. Theresa Says:

    I’m so happy that some stores are realizing that glass is still a great packaging option! It can be recycled an infinite amount of times and can easily be washed and reused.

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