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America’s Climate Choices Final Report July 8, 2011

The National Research Council has just released its final report on America’s Climate Choices.  The report highlights the environmental, economic, and social risks of climate change and calls for action to reduce the amount of environmental change we will face while also preparing to adapt to future warming

The report finds that climate change is happening and human activities are very likely the primary cause.  The report acknowledges the uncertainty about risk but affirms that there is enough reason to begin acting now.

According to the National Research Council, local, state, and private sector efforts are valuable, but they will not be able to achieve the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions needed to avert a climate crisis.  The report calls for strong federal policies to set national goals and engage international efforts.  To effectively address climate change mitigation, the U.S. must reduce GHG emissions, prepare adaptation strategies, fund scientific research and technology development, and promote communication between experts and the stakeholders that make the country’s climate policy.

The National Research Council is the research body of the National Academies.  Sponsored by NOAA, the report was authored by renowned scientists and engineers, economists, business leaders, a former governor, an ex-congressman, and policy experts.

For more information about America’s Climate Choices, visit the America’s Climate Choices website.


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