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Cell Phone Recycling September 17, 2010

Cell phones have become so popular in our society that they have taken over the public telephone.  It is rare that you find a public phone in the streets nowadays.  It seems that everyone from age 5 to 75 has a cell phone; the average consumer always wants to have the latest and greatest of this technology.  Yet what happens to the phones when consumer “upgrade” their old device?

Many companies have implemented cell phone recycling programs for their companies and they take in phones from any provider.

Verizon has implemented a program called, Verizon Wireless’ HopeLine, that donates unused cell phones, batteries, and accessories to victims of domestic abuse. (Verizon Wirless)

T-Mobile has partnered up with the U.S. Environment Protection Agency to help promote  and participate in the “Plug-In to eCyling Campaign“.  The company has made recycling very accommodating for their customers.  T-Mobile has designated areas for the consumer to recycle their old phones and places self addressed envelopes in new cell phone packages so the customer can easily send their old phone to be recycled proper through T-Mobile. (T-Mobile USA, Inc.)  AT&T has a similar program that they have implemented in their stores.

When getting ready to upgrade your phone, activate a new line, or migrate to a new company, know that many of the major cell phone companies are ready and willing to take your unused phone.

You can also donate your cell phone to many worthy causes, such as to soldiers or senior citizen charities.  Find out the nearest place that will recycle your cell phone here.


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