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Green your kids! August 19, 2010

Living green is a lifestyle and is starting to become more popular.  Parents need to start teaching their children to be green so that this lifestyle does not phase out.  Regardless of their age, children can be taught to be more environmentally friendly.

Even preschoolers can be green.  They can be taught simple habits such as turning lights off when they leave rooms and turning the water off when it isn’t being used.  Recycling can also be taught so that children can sort out newspapers and junk mail.

Recycling can be more in depth for older children.  Even first graders can be taught what materials can and cannot be recycled.  They can also be taught to take the bus to school cutting down on transportation emissions and have lunches that come in washable, reusable containers. They be taught to garden and grow their plants like sunflowers or even their own fruits or vegetables such as carrots.

Middle schoolers can be taught to use less energy and unplug appliances when they aren’t in use or at least at night. They can be taught to mow the lawn using a push mower and to leave the grass cuttings for compost.  Those in high school can participate in stream or beach clean-ups.  They can also learn more about waste by taking a field trip to a landfill to see how trash doesn’t just “go away” when it is thrown away.  Those who drive should be encouraged to carpool and can be taught to drive to maximize their miles per gallon.

There are many numerous ways for parents and children to go green.  When teaching children to go green, remember it is important that they are told how what they are doing is environmentally friendly and why being environmentally conscious is important. There are many green guides and sites on the internet worth looking at, especially for kids!


One Response to “Green your kids!”

  1. Theresa Says:

    It is definitely great to start being green-minded at an early age. Sometimes, it’s actually the children that teach the parents how to be green because of what they learn in school!

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