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Watch a ballgame at Nationals Park June 23, 2010

Nationals’ phenom pitcher Stephen Strasburg has recently made the Washington baseball team more popular and has attracted more baseball fans to Nationals Park.  Many sport’s fans visit Nationals Park to see Strasburg and the Nats, but not many know about its sustainable elements that earned it a LEED Certification.

  • Nationals Park’s location was chosen as a sustainable site next to the Anacostia River and is considered a brownfield redevelopment site. It is easily accessible by public transportation, and its is expected that the park will spark the urban comeback and recovery of the area.
  • The storm and ground water runoff was treated carefully because of its location close the the Anacostia River.  The park, therefore, utilizes an interesting water filtration system that separately treats rainwater and water used for cleaning. The ballpark location also signed up for the Voluntary Clean Up Program which works toward making the site a better environment.
  • The ballpark’s use of materials was also considered in its design.  Over 20% of of energy compared to other typical stadiums will be saved annually through energy conserving lights and 30% of water use will be reduced, an estimated 3.6 million gallons of water per year.  Many of the building materials were produced locally, and the materials content had at least 10% recycled content.  Of the construction waste in building the ballpark, 5,500 tons were recycled.  Finally, the landscaping plants conserve water since they are drought resistant, and there is a 6,300 square foot green roof that reduces roof heat in addition to the roof’s high degree of reflectance.

So next time you’re enjoying a game at Nationals Park, enjoy knowing you’re watching it in the first LEED Silver Certified major professional stadium in the nation.  Want to learn more? Check out this diagram showing the sustainable aspects of Nationals Park.


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