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Enviromental Knowledge Through Films March 25, 2010

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From March 16-28, Washington DC is hosting the 18th annual environmental film festival.

Films range from 15 minutes to nearly three hours, with most demanding about an hour of your attention.  The focus of the festival this year is food and its relationship with the environment.  Over 100 films will be screened at various locations in DC such as the Natural History Museum, American University, and the Carnegie Institute for Science.  Many screenings are free but may require an RSVP and for some you may have to purchase a ticket.

Films relate to the broad theme of food and the environment.  I was able to attend a screening of “DIRT! THE MOVIE” on March 22 at the Natural History Museum.  The large crowd and mostly full theater pleasantly surprised me.  The film emphasized that the Earth’s soil is perhaps the most important part of the environment.  Without it we cannot sustain ourselves.  While describing various disastrous human actions that have led to a depletion of dirt, it also touched on some projects transpiring around the world that are working to save dirt.  I came away from the film knowing a little bit more about the degree to which dirt actually IS vital to our future.

With so many screenings and options, a film is waiting to be watched near you!


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