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Rally to reduce your carbon emissions March 4, 2010

Are you looking to become more green in  your daily life but sometimes lack motivation/ideas or wonder if a single person’s efforts really make a difference?  Change is hard and it is particularly difficult to change our everyday consumption habits.

While considering these hurdles, is an online community that brings people together to reduce their personal CO2 emissions and have a positive impact on climate change.  It provides a way for you to track your personal progress by taking on challenges that reduce your personal CO2 emissions.

Users or “Rallyers” can join a rally in committing to a challenge or form their own teams see how they stack up against others.  Challenges range from simple acts like unplugging your computer each night to more involved activities like growing your own vegetables.  Each challenge page is pretty detailed:

  1. Details of the what to do for the challenge and why
  2. The reduction in CO2 emissions
  3. Tips for completion
  4. Links to learn more about the topic
  5. The math behind the CO2 emissions reduction number

Taking part in any challenge is easy: Just register with an email and take on as many or as little challenges as you want!  The best part is that you get to see how much you as an individual and as a group have reduced CO2 emissions. operates with some rules, but is based on an honor system.  So if you decide to take on a challenge and then find you weren’t able to complete it, you have the option to “uncommitt” so that the numbers displayed can be as accurate as possible. believes many small steps can produce a big changeSo far about 31,000 Rallyers have reduced CO2 emissions by over 4,500 tons so far.


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