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Greening Your Workplace February 26, 2010

No matter how big or small your business or workplace, everyone needs office supplies.  From big items like paper and binders to the tiny paper clip, there can an overwhelming set of choices. The key to buying environmentally responsible products for your office is in the details.  Look for products that tell you:

  • exactly how much recycled content is used to make the product
  • whether or not the company buys carbon offsets or uses any type of environmentally friendly practices within their business
  • whether it’s a water based product
  • if the product biodegradable
  • if the product meets EPA procurement guidelines

While most conventional retailers like Staples,, OfficeMax, etc. sell some recycled products, the above mentioned details can be difficult to find or simply not present. So to get you started on your way to greening your office, here’s a list of resources and “one-stop shops” for your office needs.  Each of these suppliers provides detailed information about the product’s “green-ness.”

  • The Real Earth, Inc.– Offers a wide variety and range.  In general prices here tend to be the most competitive.  Log in as a ‘guest’ to check it out before making a purchase.
  • The Green Office-Offers both green and conventional products.  If you spend $49 or more, you get free, next-day CO2 neutral delivery.
  • Eco Green Office-Moderate to competitive pricing.  Offers discounts on large volume orders.

Finally, you think you may be ready to buy green but are wondering what exactly are the benefits? The EPA and its partners offer some tools to help you determine how your purchasing, manufacturing, and waste management processes impact your greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, and costs.

For more information you can also see Eco-Coach’s previous post about green office supplies or simply search “green office supplies” to see multiple other entries.


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