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Holiday Shopping – Which Companies Score High on the Climate Score Card December 7, 2009

Among all the claims of green businesses, it is hard to decide which business is truly environment friendly. Climate Counts  has come up with a 22 criteria based scorecard to evaluate the businesses. Climate Counts has categorized companies in every sector such as airlines, food services, commercial banking and many more. The criteria include the companies’ policies and efforts to control pollution. It also accounts the measure and report of the climate footprint. Based on the scores of each categories (Policy stance, Report, Review and Reduce), companies are categorized as stuck, starting and striding, in the race of combating climate change. The scorecard system provides the facts based information to consumers for making right decisions. The method is also helpful for the executives from companies since they can evaluate the performance in controlling the pollution with other competitors. So while shopping this holiday season, go through the scorecards to choose an environment friendly gift!!


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