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Eco-Assessor Certification Training in May! April 10, 2009

Become a Certified Eco-Assessor!

Eco-Coach has partnered with SB NOW, the Sustainable Business Network of Washington to develop a groundbreaking green business certification aimed at office-based and retail businesses. The certification is in Phase II of implementation and has received wide support in the DC Metro Area. There is currently a list of over 80 companies waiting to get certified in the Greater DC area.

As SBNOW’s for-profit partner, we are training and qualifying Eco-Assessors to review businesses and determine what steps they need to take in order to obtain the SB NOW ‘Certifiably Green’ Certification (to learn more about the certification, go to the SB NOW website ).

Course Objectives

This two-day in-person practical training, followed by an on-site shadowing session, will provide you with the experience and tools needed to successfully help clients through the ‘Certifiably Green’ certification process. By determining each client’s baseline and what changes are necessary in order to get certified, eco-assessors will help move businesses further down the path to environmental sustainability. Please note: Spaces are limited. We are only taking applications for 10 eco-assessors for this inaugural group.

During the training you will learn:

  • •    In-depth information about the Certifiably Green certification and all the certification requirements;
  • How to help business clients establish a baseline to determine where they stand in terms of sustainability using proprietary tools;
  • To provide short-term and long-term recommendations that help business save money, save energy, and become more sustainable;
  • Both quantitative and qualitative aspects of sustainability from green procurement to zero waste;
  • About tools, including templates, questionnaires used during an eco-assessment;
  • Methods to organizing and communicating change;
  • Get access to results and information from participants in the program to date; and
  • How to best position your client to obtain the certification as well as take steps towards real sustainability.

All individuals involved in eco-assessments must undergo and pass the training course and receive official certification and be re-certified each year.

Course Certificate

Once you become certified as an Eco-Assessor, you will become part of the network. You will be the first contacted when clients ask us to help them with the eco-assessment for the Certifiably Green certification.

Course Participants

The certification program is open to individuals who have some background in and knowledge of environmental matters and/or who have had experience in a consulting role. Individuals should have strong analytical as well as verbal and written communication skills. The program will be limited to participants in the Washington DC metro area for the time being. Participants must be available to work with Eco-Coach to conduct eco-assessments beginning in mid to late June.

Fees and Registration
We are offering special pricing for this inaugural group:

•    Dates: Tuesday and Wednesday, May 26th and 27th , plus a shadowing session at a later date TBD
•    Time: 8am to 5:30pm, both days
•    Cost: Introductory cost of $1,750
•    Location: Washington DC (TBD)

To secure your space in the course, register at If you have any questions, contact us at


2 Responses to “Eco-Assessor Certification Training in May!”

  1. Sharyn Says:

    This looks like a really interesting course – do you know if there are any in the UK?

    • anca1 Says:

      Great question! We are not currently offering any in the UK, but we do plan on offering eco-assessor webinar trainings, which would be accessible to you. Please review the website periodically and feel free to sign up for our quarterly newsletter, which will have details of new course offerings.

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