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The Reel Deal in Lawn Care: Pushing Your Way to a Healthier Planet July 25, 2008

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9 am- Saturday morning. You’re roused out of your deep sleep by the sound of your next door neighbor mowing his lawn with a gas powered mower. Ugh! Not only are gas powered mowers loud, but they are really bad for the environment! Well, what other ways are there to mow your lawn, you might ask? A great option is a manual (push) reel mower. A reel mower is a mower in which the blades spin vertically using a scissoring action to cut the grass. They typically have between 3 and 7 blades. They’re fairly inexpensive to buy, and easy to use and maintain.

Some good, green reasons to use a reel mower:

  • Air Pollution– Every weekend, 54 million people mow their lawns, using 800 million gallons of gas per year and producing tons of air pollutants.According to the EPA, a traditional gas powered lawn mower produces as much as 43 new cars being driven 12,000 miles. Or put another way, 1 gas mower running for an hour emits the same amount of pollutants as 8 new cars driving 55 mph for the same amount of time.
  • Noise Pollution– A bathroom exhaust fan noise level is 55 decibels. A snowmobile at 50 feet is 80 decibels. A reel mower noise level is 55 decibels, whereas a noisy gas powered mower noise level is 80 decibels. It would take 17 quiet reel mowers to make the noise of 1 of the quietest gas lawnmowers!

There are other options out there. If for some reason a reel mower does not work for you or your lawn, there are electric mowers. Electric mowers don’t totally eliminate pollution, but they produce no harmful emissions, are quieter than gas powered mowers, and eliminate gas spills, refining, and transportation.

That being said, a manual (push) reel mower is your best option. They’re better for the planet and better for you. With a 0 carbon footprint, the grass really is greener on the other (reel mower) side!!! Happy mowing…


4 Responses to “The Reel Deal in Lawn Care: Pushing Your Way to a Healthier Planet”

  1. Dagny Says:

    As I’m reading this, I hear a gas powered mower in our Townhouse Association. My grandmother pushed a manual mower until the day she died. I think we should all go back to it. It lets you get in touch with nature for at least a few minutes.

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  2. mastersparky Says:

    Here’s a link to a free giveaway of a battery powered mower 😉

  3. alinur Says:

    Tree planet is very essential of the wodrld. Every man do it.

  4. Thanks for offering tips on “green” options when caring for your lawn. By using a good reel mower as opposed to a gas powered mower, one may lower their overall CO2 levels by up to 80lbs a year.

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