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Green Volunteering July 11, 2008

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Looking for that golden opportunity to advertise and help build teamwork within your company and benefit the environment? Consider volunteerism! Many companies, large and small, are setting up employee volunteer days, with benefits for both the company and the environment. Here are some reasons you should consider it:

  • Increased and better communication between employees – Most respondents reported that volunteering helped them to develop their interpersonal skills. They were better able to understand different personality types and motivate others. Furthermore, they were better able to deal with difficult situations. This can be attributed to the differing types of activities and situations your employees will find themselves in.
  • Advertising and community recognition –Volunteering will allow your company to get its name out to the community at a low cost. Volunteer organizations often recognize those that help them through publications or signage at events. This creates opportunities to increase name recognition and build goodwill within a community!
  • Increased awareness – By giving your employees the opportunity to volunteer you are helping them increase their own awareness of related environmental issues. Sixty three percent of those who volunteered said that doing so helped them to be more attune issues affecting their volunteer activity. You will be doing your part to increase the public’s awareness of environmental issues.
  • Benefits to the environment – Your company can do a surprising amount of good for your local ecosystems such as helping clean local parks or putting in plants to benefit local species. Man(or woman) power is essential for effective rehabilitation of ecosystems. Volunteering also helps to ease the burden on governmental and non-profit groups. This allows them to spend their money on big-ticket items, like land conservation.

So you’ve decided to orchestrate a company volunteer day. Now what? You need to decide how to set up an event. Good places to contact include county parks department’s, state natural resource departments, or non-profit groups like the Nature Conservancy. They should know of projects or existing events that you and your employees can be a part of.

Company volunteer days have had a positive environmental impact all over the nation. Hopefully you can add yours to that list. Good Luck!


One Response to “Green Volunteering”

  1. Thanks for good article. Im employed by owner who is insistant that I learn as much as possible about the green side of things, re-cycling and eco friendly etc.


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