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More Simple Steps to Save Paper… May 27, 2008

At work and at home there are easy things to do to save papers!

  • Instead of writing lists on sheets of paper, invest in a blackboard (you can write with a chalk and just erase your list with a rag; moreover it is vintage so it is fashionable!)

  • When you buy notebooks, choose 100% recycled-paper ones and use both sides of the paper(no steno pads

  • When you have to print a document, try to print 2pages per sheet (we call that “printing two up”)

  • Use the “double-sided” / “duplex” option on your copier or printer (I know you’re heard this one before, but it’s another thing to do it… so start now!!)

  • If this double-sided option does not exist on your computer you can do it manually by yourself: 1/ print the odd pages, 2/ flip the printed pages over and put them back in the printer, 3/ print the even pages! It not as hard as it seems, and you only need to allot a few extra minutes for it

  • For regular/non-official documents use the “draft” option of your printer instead of “normal” or “high” quality

  • For your scratch papers write on the back of the sheets that have already been used. You can even collect the obsolete printouts and create a scrap paper notepad by using a clipboard or stapling them altogether.

  • Don’t print your mails if not truly necessary and enjoy the opportunities that computer and mail boxes offer: finding a mail by keywords in few seconds (impossible with sheets of paper), collecting and saving a great amount of information (that you can copy on CDs), or transmitting information and documents to your

    colleagues – before a presentation for example (they will have everything on their computer before you start the presentation, and you won’t have to print unnecessary handouts)

  • Sort out your waste and don’t forget to recycle your paper!

2 Responses to “More Simple Steps to Save Paper…”

  1. lakshay Says:

    which type of paper is used for making currency notes

    • anca1 Says:

      Bank notes are usually made from cotton paper, sometimes combined with other textile fibers. This makes them last longer and also makes them recognizable from regular paper. As far as I am aware, it is not organic cotton – at least not yet!

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