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Start a Grassroots Green Movement at Work March 26, 2008

With economic uncertainty looming high for many companies, as an employee you may find your senior leadership unwilling to provide funding for eco-initiatives. While high-priced eco projects like carbon offsetting may be out of reach, there are several great ways to start a grassroots movement in your workplace to make some eco-inroads.

1. Start a Green Leaders Group at your Company

A grass-roots movement needs a solid base of supporters to get off the ground. Begin by publicizing a meeting for people interested in developing eco-initiatives for your workplace. At the meeting, brainstorm some ideas for small tasks you can tackle as a group. Assigning leaders from different departments is a great way to ensure that the eco-buzz permeates the entire company. If there is a central web portal for your company, consider posting a ‘press release’ to let people know that this group has formed, and let everyone know who the green leaders are.

2. Organize a Mug Drive to Decrease Styrofoam/Paper Cup Usage

We all have mugs at home, but many people will just simply forget to bring in a mug to work. One great mug.jpginitiative to get your eco-campaign started is to organize a mug drive. Ask people to donate a dollar to purchase a mug, or see if any vendors that your company works with would be willing to donate mugs (check with your HR department — many health care providers would be good bets for donating to this cause.) When the mugs arrive, consider putting signs up around the water cooler asking people to consider using a reusable mug instead of a disposable cup.

3. Work with your IT Department to Set Printers to 2-Sided Default Printing

With the switch of a button, your IT department most likely has the ability to set all printers in your company to 2-sided default printing. Not only will this small change help save your company money, but will help save paper too.

4. Create Better Signs for Recycling Bins; Create a 2-Sided Paper Bin Next to All Printing Stationsrecycle_logo2.jpg

Make sure that paper recycling bins are properly marked. Consider taking an empty cardboard box and labeling it “2-sided paper” and place it next to each printer station. Encouraging people to use 2-sided scrap paper will be great for your paper saving initiatives!

5. Consider Purchasing “These Come from Trees” Stickers

This website sells stickers that say “Remember: These Come from Trees.” These stickers are great to put on paper towel dispensers in the bathroom or kitchen, by printers, or anywhere where you see paper waste occurring. You can access the sticker website by clicking here.

Overall, these are just several ideas to jump start a grass-roots eco initiative in your company. Starting a Green Leaders group or Green Team will help you tap into other like-minded people within your company, and other ideas are bound to come up! Good luck!


3 Responses to “Start a Grassroots Green Movement at Work”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Great tips – I am going to get started on some of these today!

  2. Pops Says:

    Looking good…

  3. Anya Says:

    Great ideas! I can’t wait to “green” my workspace.

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