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Put Sunglasses on Your Windows: Get Solar Shades March 5, 2008

Tired of the sun in your eyes at work but still want to have some natural light? You (or your office manager) can reduce the exchange of heat and the effects of glare in the office by simply installing solar shades or some form of window treatment. Sun or solar shades are an easy addition to the windows in your workplace and increase comfort and productivity with the added bonus of saving energy and, with that, money. If you aren’t convinced, here is a more complete list of the benefits:

  • Reduce glare
  • Filter harmful UV rays
  • Reduce fading of interior furnishings
  • Provide daytime privacy while preserving visibility
  • Reflect solar radiation to maintain cool indoor temperatures
  • Retain heat to maintain warm indoor temperatures

    Many shades now available are made of flexible films like mylar or various fabrics that can be set on rollers or motorized. Further, numerous varieties of solar shades exist including those that may be installed internally as window treatments or externally as awnings. Learn more and browse solar shades with the following websites:


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