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Signs: Learn to effectively convey your environmental message in the office January 20, 2008

You’ve organized a ‘Green Team’ at your office. You’ve even had a few meetings, agreed to use post-consumer recycled paper, improve the recycling program and recycling rate, change out the bulbs, and ask everyone to bring in mugs instead of those icky Styrofoam cups. Next: you’d like to get others on board, and to communicate what you’re doing. But how to do that? There are many ways to approach this, including going paperless though emails and e-newsletters. But sometimes, paper must be involved.

recycle-sign2.jpgOne great way to get your message across is through signs and posters in the workplace. Prompts such as signs can function as a both an educational tool to support green behavior or as a simply reminder to those individuals with good intentions but human forgetfulness. This is not as easy as you might think! If you thought there wasn’t an art to effective sign-design, then think again. When creating a sign, keep the following tips in mind:


  • Make it noticeable, interesting and engaging — having a catchy saying will help people remember the event/action
  • Use bright colors and fun designs
  • Make it personal and interactive (i.e. make it relevant to your organization!)
  • Use simple text or graphics


  • newspaper-pile.jpgImages are still worth a thousand words: show pictures of the waste or potential savings and link them to familiar items or local landmarks
  • Promote positive action rather than discouraging negative behavior — highlight changes that have been made and individuals that have made them
  • Show quantifiable results from the actions already taken
  • Tell people how to get involved or get more information

Lastly, don’t forget to place the sign(s) as close (temporally and spatially) to where the desired action will take place. Good luck, be creative and be influential with your green signage!


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