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Happier Halloween: Orange, Black and Green October 24, 2007

Plastic costumes, plastic candy wrappers and plastic bags and buckets filled with treats. You could charge a plastic tax at your door, or you could lead by example. A green Halloween is easier than you might think. Here are some simple steps you can take:

  • Making a costume can be a great experience whether you’re doing it with friends or your kids. If you’re not crafty with a needle, try going to a thrift shop for inspiration (I didn’t know I was going to be a “hypochondriac” one year until I spotted an Advil fanny pack at The Salvation Army). Both options are inexpensive and environmentally friendly.
  • Buy your pumpkin at the local farmers market. Don’t forget to use the pumpkin meat for baked goods like pies, breads, muffins or cookies!
  • If you’re out with the kids, give them battery-free shake flashlights with LED bulbs to light their way and pillowcases (not plastic bags) to collect their bounties.
  • If you’re dishing the treats, go for healthier snacks like fruit leathers, Sundrops or honey sticks. Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are great places to explore the options and to avoid Frankenfoods, despite how appropriate they may sound.
  • Throwing a party? If you absolutely cannot use silverware and dishes, avoid using disposable utensils and plates. Instead, opt for the biodegradable kind.

Remember, your scary costume should be the source of horror on this holiday – not your carbon footprint!


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