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Seventh Generation Thwarts Seventh Generation…Of Pests October 5, 2007

Seventh Generation boasts a fabulous line of non-toxic Natural Citrus Cleaners that won’t harm your loved ones, but will eliminate your enemies. That is, if your enemies are mosquitoes and cockroaches. That’s right, cockroaches – the only living creature fabled to survive a nuclear holocaust can’t last a minute when faced with this hydrogen peroxide solution (check out how hydrogen peroxide acts as a pesticide).

In fact, there are many gardeners who spray a home-made hydrogen peroxide mixture on their plants to repel insects. This doesn’t appear to harm the plants and can be used on vegetables and fruit, too, both protecting your yield and your health. Conventional insect-killing products often seem to poison us in the process, so it’s comforting to know that this product functions as both a non-toxic cleaner and pest exterminator, thereby killing two nuisances with one chemical compound.

For more alternatives to conventional pesticides, take a look at the National Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides and Beyond Pesticides.


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