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Cell phones and bees? April 17, 2007

Filed under: General,Green home,Green living — Anca Novacovici, Eco-Coach Inc. @ 10:51 pm

How are these two connected, you ask? Well, apparently one is killing the other—I’m sure you can figure out which is the culprit. Though studies in other countries, such as Finland and Sweden, as well as other European countries, have shown that cell phone use has a negative effect on our health (namely, the development of brain tumors and the killing of brain cells), somehow the US studies are still inconclusive. Here is an article that discusses the effect cell phones are having on bees and also on humans.

I also heard it was not cell phones but cordless phones that caused the issue. Either way, I will take the opportunity to talk about cell phones. Since we all will continue to use cell phones, we should use some protection from the radiation…until, of course, there is enough evidence and uproar to convince the manufacturers to make safer phones! Some products on the market include the Waveshield and BioPro . I should point out, from personal experience, that the two Waveshield ear pieces I have used were not stellar in terms of sound quality, and the verdict on BioPro is still out. Of course, that doesn’t help the bees any—wish there was some protection for them!


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